The band was formed in 2006 by Italian guitarist Gian Luca Giustiniani, while still attending the international audio & multimedia SAE Institute in Amsterdam with keyboardist and drummer Marc Antonio Spaventi, also Italian.
After meeting fellow expatriates Paul Ehn, Swedish composer and keyboardist, and Gordon Todd, Scottish singer and composer, while working in IT projects, as well as assisting local unsigned bands with engineering and production, the Sun Travellers began developing their own material blending together common influences of Classic Rock, Folk, Prog Rock and early Electronica.
Luc's background involves Classical Guitar studies, Fingerpicking and Blues-Rock, with a passion for electronics, IT, and cover art.
Lead singer Gordon, long time established SAE lecturer, previously working in local radios, is one of a kind vocalist and harmonizer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Paul, vocalist and multi instrumentalist, is a prolific songwriter who has been involved in previous projects in Sweden, as lyricist, producer and arranger.
Marc is a trained classical pianist, soundtrack composer, drummer, and guru in experimental Electronica.
Sun Travellers released their debut album, Excursions, on a very limited budget in May 2010 through their independent label. Some of the session musicians who collaborated in the recordings are:
on drums - Tom Pettit - Jon Miller - Vitor Fernandes -
on guitars and bass - Marco Giuseppetti - Martijn Klippel -
Most of the initially pressed CDs went into promo kits distributed across the US and the UK, reaching hundreds of independent radio stations and distributors.
While rehearsing for local gigs in the area of Amsterdam and Utrecht, the band has a new line-up and is recording material for their second album, which has a title already... not to be revealed yet...